Friday, 11 January 2013


We have permanently moving our blog to the a new address.
Please follow us there to follow our activities.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bring Your Own Bulb

Stryx opened its doors last Monday for an intimate event with a few friends. Having only one plug socket and no lighting was a slight technical issue, but by inviting our guests to bring a bulb we managed to illuminate the space and prevent any serious injury.
All members of Stryx submitted a minute long film to represent our current practice, and put them in a collective sequence to mark our individual practice coming together, forming a cooperative. Running around the TV's we also mapped out the Birmingham Canal line to show our current status as an emerging collective, currently making the on-going commitment to making new friends and networks, and strengthening our current ones.

  Not forgetting of course.... our amazing feast! Well, if we could all just close our eyes and imagine the Butter Me Up carton wasn't there, it would make this photo go from an eight to a nine at least?We had a really great turnout so we'd all like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and made it a brilliant night. 
Thanks for the electricity bill!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stryx Enter the Building

After a series of delays and mishaps, Stryx have finally cut the keys and have entered the building! Better late than never.

Although we had hoped to enter the building a little earlier in order to formulate our programme, we already have some interesting events to look forward to.

We had a productive meeting on Monday with the tenants of Warwick Bar, and are pleased to announce that Stryx will be holding an event to coincide with IKON Slow Boat's event, Ikon Youth Programme Presents, to be held at Warwick Bar.

More details of our launch will be announced shortly. But remember to keep the 14th and 15th of December free so you can visit us and see the exciting events that will be happening in the area on that weekend.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hand in Glove

Stryx met Artist collective Hand in Glove yesterday for a quick pint at the Old Crown, and a chat about how we could get involved in their upcoming events.
We have been invited to provide a response to INTERPLAY, an artist-led group knowledge exchange event to be held at Z Shed in Bristol.
We hope that this will provide Stryx with more collaborative opportunities for the near future, and we are already going over a few ideas for what we could bring to this event.
Other Birmingham based artists and collectives Eastside ProjectsAn Endless SupplyGrand Union and The Lombard Method, will also be featuring at the event.
The event will consist of a variety of activities from performances, artist talks, exhibitions and so on. So it looks to be a very exciting an interactive event!

INTERPLAY is happening on 17th November, at Z Shed in Bristol. It kicks off at 2pm onwards with FREE admission for the public.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Minits 4

Stryx's Aly and Sophie recently collaborated on a project in collaboration with Eastside Projects (ESP), and the MFI Group. With the briefs of 'Void', and 'Cats'.


Attack the Void from sophie bullock on Vimeo.

In response to 'Void', Aly and Sophie were intrigued by incomprehensibility of envisioning a physical void, as doing so would destroy the void's inherent characteristic of being unattached from an outside, and infinite in size.
Through the vision of the absolute nothing - that is, before creation - and the absolute infinite of the universe we live in. Sophie and Aly illustrate the battle between science and religion, which help people explain the great phenomenon of our origins within the universe and beyond; can one exist without the other?


 Patty Cake is a viral sensation on the internet, which shows humans casting their imagination on their cats by giving them voices and personalities that are akin to human behaviour. The forms and shapes created by the cats playing 'patty cake' are reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics, which mirrors the current explosion of cat-culture as having a religious following. Furthermore, by projecting human behaiviour onto cats, it is not hard to see that people perceive cats as a 'blank canvas' due to the cats famous mysterious nature. Therefore, cats are a suitable medium for people to attempt to give meaning and personality to, as artists would an inanimate object.

You can view the work of a showreel here.

We look forward to collaborating further in the future!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Stryx artists Sophie Bullock and Karolina Korupczynska have been busy making work for new exhibition 'Invasion'. It looks to be a really exciting event with over 40 artists making a momentary invasion of an abandoned building in the jewellery quarter. 

Karolina will be showing her degree show work, 'The Innate Fluidty of Personal Expansion', where Sophie will be showing new work (which does not currently have a title!!).

If you around Birmingham Friday at around 5, please do drop by at:

AE Harris
101 Northwood Street
Jewellery Quarter
B3 1SZ

More information can be found here.

There will also be live music from band, The Great Western for your enjoyment. Many thanks to Jon Wilkes for this opportunity!

Hopefully see you there,

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Sorry for being slightly off the radar lately. We've been so busy with forms and applications and all of the boring stuff that we've had no time to update you! So here it goes....

We move into our building on the 24th September, and we'd love to invite you all to see the space there and then, but we want to make it a little bit special for you all. So, we're currently working on a date in October to invite you all into our space, have a chat, see what we're all working on and let you know about what we have planned for the future. We're so excited to let you all in!

Stryx's Sophie was in the Minerva Works building yesterday to visit Grand Union, and pined at the window of Unit 13.... Stryx!

Here's a little sneak preview of the space we're inhabiting, a beautiful blank canvas to put our mark on!!

So we'd absolutely love to have you all come to our opening night, we'll give you all the necessary details as soon as we know.

See you soon!!